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About Me!

Hello there!

My name is Ash and I am the person behind Crumpet Creations.

That's me on the left, with someone being an imposter me.

I have many questions coming to me via Instagram and Facebook.
I figure, this is the best place to answer them!

I will add to this if more come in so feel free to ask away!

Where do you live?
I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I have lived here my whole life.

What are your other hobbies?
All sorts of stuff! Sewing, drawing and crafting in general is a massive time sink for me along with some gaming!

You're a gamer? What games do you play?
Some PC games like world of warcraft, VRchat, side scrollers. I have a huge love for Nintendo so I do tend to regress to my older consoles and my Nintendo Switch. :)

What got you into sewing?
My mom, mostly. She would make me outfits when i was a wee lass. She also made me blankets and doll clothing.

I am an avid seamstress, altering or tailoring my own clothes.
I am mostly self taught and have been sewing as a big hobby since I was 20.

I started out by hand stitching / altering my own clothing into other things I wanted it to be, by pulling sleeves off of things I liked and frankensteining clothes together. They may not have looked good but my 15 year old self sure thought they did! I started with a whip stitch and a basting stitch, going over it multiple times to secure things in place. I would take jean pants I ripped the leg or crotch area on and alter them into purses or skirts.

I moved on in my twenties to making items for my Sugar gliders. I also made items for those with ferrets, birds, hamsters, rats and the like. I have even made clothing for pets! Once I grew from that, I moved to making plushies for friends. Most of those were My Little Pony based or custom bears. They were typically made from fleece. I still make those but it is a side hobby that does not have my attention near as much.

I hear you gave someone a free fursuit. What was that about?

I do pop out with a surprise partial or mini partial for one person every year, free of charge. The reason is personal and you can find that in the section regarding how I became a furry. I have a list compiled that I keep secret. It is a list of my local furries who do not have a suit, have done good things for the local furry community, are having a hard time with life and need a little pick-me-up. I choose ONE person every year.
I am sneaky and coordinate with many people to gather art, supplies, set up a reveal location ect. It's always worth it!

If you're local, you could be next!

What if I have someone in mind who is not local?

It is incredibly rare that I choose someone out of state for a free fursuit partial. If I do choose someone non-local, there absolutely must be a good reason for it. Typically, I may see a post on social media made by someone this person knows. I may see a post the person has made, themselves. Sometimes, I am contacted directly, with information regarding a person someone would like to nominate for a free fursuit partial. I am open to this and although I have only chosen my second non-local person as of 2020, it will not be a yearly event.

Feel free to nominate someone you know by using my contact page! Give me links to their social media, posts they have made, ect. 

I can't make a decent fursuit piece to save my life..... Why can't I do it like other people?

If you are starting out making your own fursuits, don't be discouraged. You won't get there overnight. I'm still not "there". 

Don't be afraid to ask questions, try new things, use cheap materials to start out and experiment. Ignore the negativity. 

Maybe one day, you will far exceed my crafts. Just remember to stay humble.

Don't let who you become get the best of you.

Those who build you up won't be there for you when you fall, if you forget who they are.

--- Remember, no one starts out being perfect at this. It's an art. It takes patience, time and willing to burn yourself with the hot glue gun and poke yourself with pins until you really know what you are doing. ---

How did you get into furries and fursuit making?

I got into the fursuit scene and that was all thanks to a very special young lady named Marissa Pummil.
I met her through Sugar glider forums, where I frequented in 2008-2012. Though local, we lived far apart and were not able to hang out much but still, I watched her grow into a beautiful young woman and eventually, I saw this post that she put on Facebook of a mascot looking costume. Being a weirdo, I was instantly infatuated with this costume. I wanted in. Roo helped me come up with a fursona, linked me to tutorials and was a massive help with getting started. We planned on meeting up at a local furcon, which would be my first furry event. I woke up one morning to horrific news and wash shattered.

Roo passed away in October 2014 and I will spare details though she saved 6 lives by being an organ donor.
It's difficult to talk about but I am here and I make things. 

I began the journey of suit making for a few reasons. Roo's memory is one. That's where the yearly giveaway comes in at. The other reason? It's because after making my first few suits and getting more into the furry community, I heard more and more about people being scammed out of money or being promised a superb quality suit but receiving scraps.

I wanted to be part of that change.

It happened locally and that one hurt. I offered my first commission for under $100.00 for a head - with no promise that it would be perfect or superior quality. You can see that suit on my gallery page, under the name Jupiter. 

With each suit - I learn new things. I grow and experiment with new things and I live for it! 
I will never promise you that one of my suits will be better than ANYONE else could ever make but what I can and will promise is that I will do my best to put a smile on your face and help you feel that you didn't just waste a bunch of money. 

Much love.


Ash / Crumpet