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Wolf Dog

2020 Freebie / Giveaway

I was tagged in a facebook comment attached to a post where a mom was asking for help to find her daughter a fursuit for Christmas. It was mid-November and I went through the comment section to see that nearly all persons on the post were telling this person that she would NOT find a fursuit maker who could make her daughter's dream come true in time for the holiday and it would be best to purchase a premade suit or wait until Christmas 2021. Mom had many reasons that this kiddo was deserving of a suit. I took it as a challenge. Within a few days, the suit was born. Within a week, shipped and arrived home. The cost of shipping was all I had to charge because it was the one expense I couldn't do.

NEVER tell someone that there's NO WAY they will find someone to make a wish come true. You never know who might be lurking who can make that happen.

January 2020

Commissioned by the same person who received the 2016 giveaway partial.

Awesome change to design and I had lots of fun making him come to life all over again!

The River Otter
October 2018

Premade - Local Arizona Owner! :)

-Not sure of species-

Commissioned in 2018


Red Panda

August 2018

AWESOME commission to make and an even more awesome commissioner! 


German Shepherd / Fennec Fox Hybrid - July 2018

Mini-Partial created for a local who oh-so- patiently waited for me to clear time in my schedule in order to accommodate their needs. I couldn't be more thankful for their patience!

Espi Wolf 2.0

Espi wolf 2.0
DVC resin base, refurbished and upgraded him to a fullsuit in time for Anthrocon 2018

In this photo, He was in a panel for Heads and Tails suit studios and he fell asleep. We aren't sorry for this photo. Neither is Espi. 

Hatchet wolf! Another surprise partial suit in December 2017!

Hatchet Wolf

Hatchet was created in a pinch of time for one of our favorite Arizona locals. Hatchet is one of the absolutely most giving and helpful people in our local community and completely deserved this gift. 

Hatchet is the 4th surprise giveaway for Crumpet Creations. <3 

Dovah Kitty

 Head and tail only - January 2017

57 hand sewn spots on head alone, airbrushing and follow-me eyes. Foam base on Lycra balaclava and mouth lined with Lycra. Velboa tongue, nose and fleece eyebrows with fleece eyeliner. 

Eggnog the reindeer (Version 3.0)

Made for Ohmega Suit Studios January 2017

Lycra balaclava foam based head. Glittery eyelashes, velboa tongue and antlers. Large follow-me eyes. Foot hooves have standard indoor/outdoor mat.

Syph The Fennec Fox - Surprise giveaway October 31st 2016. Fennec fox. Foam base built on Lycra balaclava and mouth lined with Lycra. Velboa nose, tongue and eyebrows.
Lykaios the Fox Wolf
Frostbite - featuring removable mask via magnets
Crumpet the Goat 2.0 May 2016
Crumpet The Goat 2.0
Crumpet the Goat 2.0 May 2016
Crumpet The Goat 1.0 May 2015
Crumpet The Goat 1.0 May 2015
Comparison / upgrade meme of Crumpet
Zuke, The Dragon
Zuke, The Dragon
Chocobo head done for a local friend, for a Final Fantasy Convention - Head made with Mascot vision
Omnom the Fuzzplane
Omnom the Fuzzplane
Espi the Wolf - DVC base
G-Pig the Guinea Pig Dragon Hybrid
Trixon the Fox Original base by another maker, modified and completed by CC
Kira the Fox / Wolf - DVC base
Sushi The Deer Fox
Sushi the Deer fox
Kira The Cat
Bobbin the Cat
Gus The Goat (Surprise suit#1)
Neosate Crumsonfang the kitty cat
Party Cat the Party Monster
Party Cat the Party monster